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Free ID Tags for USA and Canada - Boston Terriers! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Free ID Tags for USA and Canada [Feb. 13th, 2007|03:56 pm]
Boston Terriers!
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Sorry to Cross Post but I thought this was important:
This is a FREE Service provided to pet owners of
Canada (AND USA) by the Canadian Humane Society to help pet owners keep their pets safe from being lost...or at least for being lost for too long.

Fill out the form on line and they send you a corresponding pet ID Tag with a serial number / phone number on it. Just fill out the information about your address/ phone/ pet's info.. and Viola! An effecient dog/ cat/ pet ID system FOR FREE! .You can even upload a pet's picture.

From the website:

"When your pet goes missing, a valued member of your family is lost. The Humane Society of Canada’s Pet Recovery Team helps reunite lost pets with their families through a special network which includes giving each one of your pets an id tag bearing your pet’s name and your contact telephone numbers. On the other side of the tag, there is a unique serial number keyed to your pet's information, complete with The Humane Society of Canada’s toll free number, which works from anywhere in North America.

If your animal is lost outside of Canada or the United States, we will accept collect calls from anywhere in the world. There is no charge for your pet’s lifetime registration in our Pet Recovery Team."

Hope this helps,