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Puppers (pics) [Feb. 17th, 2007|09:08 pm]
Boston Terriers!


Well the girly pup has already found a home--with this childless couple who already have three other doggies of other breeds, so girly-pup gets to have a ready-made fambly with her "sisters"

Anyway, the three boys of my kids' Boston Terror litter are still with us, making the world safe from my feet, which they seem to think are fair game whenver I visit..


I wish I could get more pictures, like when they peek over the edge of the couch hoping for some bit of my popcorn..but nearly every time I aim the camera, they move too fast and I'm left with a shot of nothing but the rug.

We are trying to refrain from naming them, since they are going out to new homes (not a done deal yet, but there have been many inquiries and after all the little guys are just 8 wks)
we can't help giving them temporary names:
the half-white-faced one we call "Half n half" (Haffy for short)
and one of the others is Scrappy Jr., although I can never tell for sure which.

They are my grandpuppies--my granddaughter has observed, "They like you, Nana!"-- and they crack me up.